During pregnancy, Yoga keeps you fit every day and also helps keep mind and body-centered during childbirth. By doing yoga every day, your body remains active and protects against problems commonly encountered in pregnancy such as constipation and vomiting. Yoga every day gets stress from the body, which increases the chance of getting childbirth comfortably. Stress is removed from the uterus, uterine tube and part of the pelvis which has no dilemma in childbirth.

12 Yoga can be done during pregnancy

The following yoga protects you from problems occurring during pregnancy and also promises to be comfortable in childbirth. If pregnant women practice the rug every day, then it does not take much time to recover after childbirth.

  • सुखासन (Sukhasana)

मार्जारिआसन (Marjariasana)
उज्जयी साँस के साथ वज्रासन (Vajrasana with ujjayi breath)
ताड़ासन (Tadasana)
कोनासन-2 (Konasana-2)
त्रिकोनासन (Trikonasana)
वीरभद्रासन (Veerbhadrasana)
पश्चिमोत्तानासन (Paschimottanasana)
बद्धकोणासन (Badhakonasana)
विपरीतकर्णी (Viparitakarni)
शवासन (Shavasana)
कुछ प्राणायाम जो


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