What is the qualification of Virat Kohli?
Virat Kohli was born on November 5, 1988, in Punjabi family in Delhi. His father, Prem Kohli, used to work as a criminal lawyer and his mother Saroj Kohli is a housewife. He has an elder brother, Vikas Kohli and an elder sister, feeling According to his family, when he was three years old, Kohli would pick up a cricket bat, start swinging it and ask him to bowl to his father.

What is Virat Kohli known for?

Everybody knows that Virat Kohli known for “Cheeku”. 

Virat Kohli, VBPS had a bright glow in the field of cricket. As a child, Virat was a great sports academy. His science and mathematics teachers remembered him as a bright and cautious child.

Kohli was picked up in the best city and started his schooling at Vishal Bharti School School. In 1998, West Delhi Cricket Academy was formed, and nine-year-old Kohli was part of his first intake. His neighbours suggested that “Virat should not waste his time in street cricket and instead should join a professional club” Kohli’s father took him to the academy. This is a time school. CBSE affiliate courses and one place where you want to send your children to this generation. Was lucky in heritage

In the ninth grade, he got a place in the quote convent in West Vihar for help in his cricketing practice. For the game, Kohli was also good at the academics, and his teacher remembers them as a “bright and cautious child”. Saviour Convent,058-Paschim Vihar (North), West Delhi, Delhi, Postal Code: 110063 India. t is also a decent school where Virat 9th-12th is completed. Virat was at the 12th position. Virat went to an unpaid school where academics have good scope. There were some better plans for him for luck. Kohli trained under Akademi under Rajkumar Sharma and also played matches at Summit Dogra Academy in Vasundhara Enclave.

Kohli played for the first time in the 2002 Polly Umrigar Trophy for the Delhi Under-15 team in October 2002. (At that time, 14 was transferred to schools during that class 9). He was the leading run-getter for his team in that tournament.

It seems that Virat Kohli never participated in college, though according to this article in Times of India, Kohli started his studies in Vishal Bharti, then moved to the seventh class in the Savior Convent. Both schools are in Delhi


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