Get More Information about Wagah Border Parade Timings

If you  want to attend wagah border ceremony then you have to reach 3:00 pm because people starts to come to wagah border early. Wagha Border Parade take only 30 minutes and Wagah border ceremony timings is 5:30 PM in the evening.

During Summer Season, (October to March) – Timings of Wagha Border ceremony/parade is 17:30pm

During Winter season, (April to September) – Timings of Wagha Border ceremony/parade is 16:30pm

Another Facts about Wagha Border Amritsar

I would like to inform you that Wagha border is highly restricted area, your mobile will not work on that place. If you want to call your friends/family but you can’t do. Security person will not allow you with the bag. you can carry only your mobile phones and camera, mobile wallet to take pictures.

In the Wagha Border Premises, You can have the food and drinks/cold drinks. If you can go inside with your own water bottle and snacks with you. If you are smoker then security person will not allow your cigratte inside.

Know more about Wagah Border?

As everyone knows wagah borer is lcoated is amritsar, punjab. Its in between Amritsar in Punjab and Lahore in pakistan. The landmark nearst is bakhshish Dham gurudwara. If you are coming from golden temple then you can take a own cab or shared cabs. It will take you around 30 min to reach over the wagha border. If you want to take bus then you can catch local buses.

Wagah Border Parade Videos 


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