Wagah Border Ceremony Tickets

Overview of Wagah Border Ceremony Tickets

Everyone knows that the Wagha border is a street between India and Pakistan. Wagha Border is a very popular destination and tourist spot. Every day in wagha border they held special parade before sunset. Around 10,000 plus tourist visit to wagha border to see the parade ceremony. This parade is operated by BSF (border Security Force) and Pakistani Soldiers. 

Where to get VIP Pass for Wagah Border Ceremony Tickets?

There is place named Khasa Which is around 15–16km before Amritsar. Their you can get VIP passes for Wagah Border ceremony. Not necessary to have a defence background. You just need to show your ID proof, and after that they will register your name.

How to Get Wagha Border VIP Pass Online?

Wagha Border Ceremony take time of 45 minutes every day in every evening. If you want to enjoy the environment then you have to reach wagha border around 3 PM. you can take your seat. The parade begins around 4:15 PM in winters and 4:45 PM in summer.

LIVE: Wagah Border Retreat Ceremony Held at Wagah Border – India TV


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