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Sri Harmandir Sahib, also known as Sri Darbar Sahib and informally referred to as the “Golden Temple”, is the holiest Gurdwara of Sikhism, located in the city of Amritsar, Punjab, India. Amritsar was founded in 1577 by the fourth Sikh guru, Guru Ram Das.

The Harmandir Sahib literally means the Temple of Goodness. Guru Amar Das acquired ordered Guru Ram Das to create a nectarous tank as a place for worship for the Sikh religion. Guru Ram Das instructed all his Sikhs to join in the work, under Bhai Budha’s superintendence, and interested labourers to assist them. He said that the tank of nectar should be God’s home, and whoever bathed in it shall obtain all psychic and temporal advantages. During the progress of the work, the hut in which the Guru first sheltered himself was widened for his residence; it is now referred to as Guru’s Mahal,

World’s largest free kitchen (Langar), Guru Ka Langar Timings

Harmandir Sahib is home to the world’s most significant free kitchen. In line with the Croatian Moments, it can serve free food for approximately 100, {500|1000} – 300, 000 people every day.At the Langar (Kitchen), food is served to all visitors regardless of faith, religion, or qualifications. Vegetarian food is dished up to ensure that all people, even those with dietary restrictions, can eat together as equals. The institution of the Sikh langar, or free kitchen, was started by the first Sikh Guru (Prophet), Guru Nanak. It absolutely was designed to uphold the rule of equality between everyone regardless of religion, famille, colour, creed, age, or boy, or social status, a revolutionary concept in the caste-ordered society of sixteenth century India where Sikhism began. Beyond the ideals of equality, the tradition of langar expresses the strength of sharing, community, inclusiveness, and oneness of all humankind. Every Sikh Gurdwara (place of worship) has a langar, providing free vegetarian food for a lot of comers.

Golden Temple Address: Golden Temple Rd, Atta Mandi, Katra Ahluwalia, Amritsar, Punjab 143006
Golden Temple Opened: August 1604
Architectural style: Sikh architecture
Phone: 0183 255 3957
Architect: Guru Ram Das

Sikh Gurus: Guru Nanak, Guru Angad, Guru Amar Das, Guru Ram Das, Guru Arjan Guru Hargobind, Guru Har Rai, Guru Har Krishan, Guru Tegh Bahadur, Guru Gobind Singh, Guru Granth Sahib

Sikh Practices: Khalsa, Ardās, Kirtan, Langar, Naam Karan, Anand Karaj,Amrit Sanchar, Amrit Velā, Antam Sanskar, Three Pillars Kirat Karo Naam Japo, Vand Chhako, Sikh practices, The Five Ks Simran Sewa ,Charhdi Kala ,Dasvand Jhatka

Golden Temple Amritsar Timings: 3AM–10PM
Golden Temple Langar Timings: It is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Top 5 Golden Temple Pics, Amritsar

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