How do I get tickets for The Kapil Sharma Show ?

Everyone is looking of ticket for the The kapil sharma show 2017 because show is very popular among adult, teenagers and old ones. If you looking to attend the kapil sharma show to enjoy the live the jokes of kapil sharma then see the below mention points for your review so that you can visit comedy show once.

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The Entry passes and Tickets are purely on invitational basis. You can get them if you have any refrence or friends working with their team as members.

1.First of all go directly to film city and meet the person concerned who arranges for the free passes. The show is shot at Mumbai’s Goregaon Film city.
2. The other way is to write a letter to the director of the Sony TV channel or the producer of the show TKSS asking for the entry tickets. You can write them either online by visiting their official website or offline by writing a letter and then posting it or handing it over to them personally.
If you’re lucky to be selected you’ll receive a reply from them in which the date and other details about the show for which you’ve given the pass will be mentioned. Most importantly you’re not charged anything for the tickets and it’s absolutely free of cost. Good luck and happy viewing.
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