District Court Amritsar
History of District Court Amritsar

The history of the district court in Amritsar is more than one hundred fifty years. During the era of the famous Sikh ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Punjab,

There was no written law or a judicial court and there was no established authority. Only the Sardar will decide matters according to his cranky. Sadar imitation court (main court) was the only court in its area. Immediately after the British occupation of Punjab, after the formation of the administrative board in 1849, the judicial court was the power of the court and the Board of Revenue.

In 1853 it was replaced with a Chief Commissioner, and two Principal Commissioners were appointed for separate judicial and administrative work. The Judicial Commissioner was the Chief Justice of Appeal and his court was the last appeals court. Until 1856, Tehsildars were given the right to use the powers of a subordinate judge in the small court, which is in line with what price. 300 / -. At that time 104 were small reasons, courts and an average of 784 square miles in each court.

In this way, Civil Court started working in Amritsar in 1856. During the year 1862, an honorary original magistrate was appointed in Amritsar and Gujririvala to settle the cases of small criminal cases. During the year 1862, a total of 3117 civil and rent cases were established and 3054 cases were settled on leaving the balance on 63. XIX of the Punjab Court Act, 1865, among other things, was included in seven sections of the courts, the civil jurisdiction.

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