Sapna chaudhary Biography & Wikipedia

Sapna chaudhary is becoming most popular stage dancer & singer in Haryana state. She has choosed dancing as a career and She  has done really well as of now. Sapna was born in 25th september 1990. Sapna spent her childood in District Rohtak, Haryana, India. She has lost her fater at age of 12. After the loss of her father she has done lot of hardwork.She has done schooling and her graduation in rohtak, Haryana. People use to call her is ‘Sapna”. Sapna comes from middle class family. She loves to spend time with her family (Mother & borther).

Sapne has done lots of Arkestra shows in local city. Her first song ” Solid Body” song make her more popular in haraya. During the peroid of time, Sapna is becoming popular in delhi, rajasthan, uttarpradesh.

See the 5 images of Sapna Chaudhary with Family

i. Sapna chaudhary with her first new car. 

ii. Sapna chaudhary with grandfather. 

iii. Sapna chaudhary with her first new car. 

iv. First Popular song ” Solid Body” 


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