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Top 10 Best Restaurants In Amritsar near Golden Temple,Railway Station,Airport

In this Article, We would talk about top restaurant in amritsar near popular places likes golden temple, railway station and airport. As you know amritsar city is known for food hub for those people who loves to eat. When Tourist and foreigners plan to visit amritsar,they tend to look for local food places in amritsar.

See the below Best Restaurants In Amritsar near Golden Temple,Railway Station,Airport:-

1.  Kanha Sweets, Dayanand Nagar, Amritsar

India, Day 17 | © Scott Dexter/Flickr

Source: Google Images

One of Amritsar’s most beloved restaurants, Kanha Sweets is the best place to begin your day in the city. A large number of regulars gather here daily to have their morning meal of aloo and puri, along with a refreshing glass of lassi. This traditional breakfast combination is not only filling, but also extremely delicious. There’s no better way to start your exploration of Amritsar than breakfasting like a local.

Dayanand Nagar, Amritsar, Punjab 143001 +91 183 2211518

2. The Kulcha Land, Medical Enclave, Amritsar

Amritsari Kulcha | © Nimi Arora/Flickr

Source: Google Images

Kulcha Land is in the posh part of Amritsar, drawing mixed crowds from suave junta posses to unassuming flocks of tourists. Though their customer base is diverse, everyone is here for one reason – the amazing kulcha chole, a traditional Punjabi food. Grab a hot, fresh amritsari kulcha along with a cool, creamy lassi for a winning combination.

Circular Road, Medical Enclave, Amritsar, Punjab +91 98143 20652

3. La Roma Pizzeria, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar

Veggie Farming Pizza | © Kabirsabri/WikiCommons

Source: Google Images

While butter chicken and naan is a delicious dinner choice, it won’t satisfy a pizza craving. Luckily, La Roma Pizzeria has got you covered in Amristar. Their pies are tasty, crisp, and affordable, and they serve a few delicious side snacks and sandwiches as well. Go for the chicken nuggets or the tandoori veg nuggets to start, and if you’re really ravenous, their gigantic club sandwich will not let you down. Off the pizza menu, your best bets are either the chicken mortadela, or the Napoli for vegetarians. With friendly service and a fun, rowdy atmosphere, La Roma is a great place for a fun, casual night with friends.

S.C.O. 6, B-Block, District Shopping Complex, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar, Punjab +91 183 500 6060

4. Beera Chicken Corner near Majitha Rd, Sehaj Avenue

Tandoori Chicken | © Yumi Kimura/ Flickr

Source: Google Images

This nondescript joint is a foodie’s paradise. Make sure you come to Beera Chicken on an empty stomach, so you can get the full effect of their heaping portions of rich, flavorful Tandoori chicken. Many locals and travelers will attest that this is the best Tandoori chicken in India – try it yourself and see if you agree. If Tandoori’s not the flavor you’re after, order a plate of their heavenly butter chicken, paired with a couple buttery slices of naan.

Majitha Rd, Sehaj Avenue, Amritsar, Punjab 143008 +91 8566914747

5. Kesar Da Dhaba, Near Golden Temple Amritsar

Parantha Thali at Kesar Da Dhaba | © Abhishek Baxi/ Flickr

Source: Google Images

Kesar da Dhaba is tucked away down a narrow lane, quite inconspicuously; it’s wise to ask a local for the exact location to save yourself some time searching for it. Don’t let lack of frills and atmosphere deter you -instead, let the eager crowds of Amritsar locals and the mesmerizing aroma of desi ghee (clarified butter) stand as testaments to this restaurant’s formidable kitchen. This is one of the best places in town to experience truly divine local dishes. Their divine preparations of chana, parantha’s, dal, phirni are sure to make you swoon. Be sure to order a cool, refreshing lassi to go with your meal!

Chowk Passian, Near Telephone Exchange, Amritsar Cantt., Punjab +91 98155 76117

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