Monday, 16 January 2017

An Evening with Gulzar Sa'ab in Amritsar


TIME Sun Feb 05 2017 at 04:30 pm  Add to calendar
VENUE The Partition Museum, Town Hall, Amritsar, India
CREATED BY  The Partition Museum Project

The Partition Museum is proud to present Gulzar's 'Kharaashein', directed by Salim Arif, as the debut of the Arts and Literature Festival of Amritsar (ALFA) - an ongoing series of events through the year.

Kharaashein - the scars from riots, is a collage of Gulzar's literary creations on riots, on stage.
HILSA, our first story is about the middle-class attitude in a riot-torn city.
RAAVI-PAAR is a story with backdrop of Partition revealing a tragedy reflecting our inability to learn from our past.
KHAUFF, as the title suggests, is about fear and what it can do to the psyche of a normal man in anxiety.
KHUDA-HAAFIZ is a dramatization of Samaresh Basu’s AADAAB by Gulzar; about a relationship which evolves under duress of a riot inflicted situation.
These four presentations are interwoven with a selection of Gulzar’s poetry.

Join us for an evening with Gulzar, 5th February.

Invite will be by invitation pass (free). Further details will be shared on this page in a few days.

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