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About Guru ka Langar Amritsar

Amritsar is famous for roaming and eating. Talking about eating, we are going to tell you the Guru ka Langer Amritsar. We hope that you guys ever had a food in the golden temple. Golden temple langar hall is known as "Guru ka Langar. In Guru ka langar you will have fresh & tasty food. Golden Temple serves a large number of 50,000 people in one day! On vacations / religious occasions, the number often goes up to 100,000! Meals in the langar are vegetarian.

Langar is the term used in Sikhism for the community kitchen in a Gurdwara where a free meal is served to all the visitors, without distinction of religion, caste, gender, economic status or ethnicity.

Serving too many people is not an easy task. There are 11 hotplates (tawa), several burners, machines for sieving and kneading dough, and several other utensils. On normal days, all the dishes are handmade by the sewadars.

 Guru ka Langar Amritsar Timings - It Open 24 hours

Guru ka Langar Amritsar Locations

Address: Clock Tower Building, Golden Temple Rd, Gandhi Nagar, Atta Mandi, Katra Ahluwalia, Amritsar Cantt., Punjab 143006

 Guru ka Langar Amritsar Images & Pics

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Virat Kohli Family Background

Background of Virat Kohli family: Virat Kohli, the most talented and stylish cricketer in Indian as well as in world cricket, was born on November 5, 1988, His father is professional lawyer Prem Kohli (Father) and Saroj Kohli (Mother) in Delhi. He has an older brother (Vikash Kholi), development and an elder sister. Virat grew up in Delhi and is related to Punjabi, especially Sikh family. His father died due to brain tour, who completely changed Virat and concentrated on his career.

virat Kohli childhood Life

Virat is going to play tennis and going on a long drive with his female friend Sanjana, who is a Kannada actress during his spare time or whenever he is not playing or is not practising cricket, becoming a permanent member of the Indian national cricket team After Virat got an interest in Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, but she did not take a decision on her marriage.

His interest in cricket is increasing and his father had admitted him to the West Delhi Cricket Academy when Virat was nine. He trained under the academy under Prince Sharma and also played a match at Sumit Dogra Academy.

What is the qualification of Virat Kohli? 

Virat Kohli Family Member Name

Birthday: November 5, 1988
Nationality: Indian
Also Known As Cheeku
Famous As: Cricketer
Height: 1.75 M
Spouse/Ex-: Anushka Sharma
Father: Prem Kohli
Mother: Saroj Kohli
Siblings: Bhavna Kholi, Vikash Kholi

Virat Kohli birthday Date: November 5, 1988

Image of Virat Kohli Family Members Photos

#1  Virat Kohli Wishes The 'REAL Superheroes' With A Heartwarming Tweet

#2  This is how Virat Kohli's brother look like along with virat's bhabhi.

#3   Virat Kohli with his wife "anushka sharma".

What is the qualification of Virat Kohli?

Virat Kohli was born on November 5, 1988 in Punjabi family in Delhi. His father, Prem Kohli, used to work as a criminal lawyer and his mother Saroj Kohli is a housewife. He has an elder brother, Vikas Kohli and an elder sister, feeling According to his family, when he was three years old, Kohli would pick up a cricket bat, start swinging it and ask him to bowl to his father.

His Childhood Pics

What is Virat Kohli known for?

Everybody knows that virat kohli known for "Cheeku". 

Virat Kohli, VBPS had a bright glow in the field of cricket. As a child, Virat was a great sports academy. His science and mathematics teachers remembered him as a bright and cautious child.

Kohli was picked up in the best city and started his schooling at Vishal Bharti School School. In 1998, West Delhi Cricket Academy was formed, and nine-year-old Kohli was part of his first intake. His neighbours suggested that "Virat should not waste his time in street cricket and instead should join a professional club" Kohli's father took him to the academy.

Virat Kohli Family, Background, Members Name and Photos

This is a time school. CBSE affiliate courses and one place where you want to send your children to this generation. Was lucky in heritage

In the ninth grade, he got a place in the quote convent in West Vihar for help in his cricketing practice. For the game, Kohli was also good at the academics, and his teacher remembers them as a "bright and cautious child".

Saviour Convent,058-Paschim Vihar (North), West Delhi, Delhi, Postal Code: 110063 India

It is also a decent school where Virat 9th-12th is completed. Virat was at the 12th position. Virat went to an unpaid school where academics have good scope.

There were some better plans for him for luck. Kohli trained under Akademi under Rajkumar Sharma and also played matches at Summit Dogra Academy in Vasundhara Enclave.

Kohli played for the first time in the 2002 Polly Umrigar Trophy for the Delhi Under-15 team in October 2002. (At that time, 14 was transferred to schools during that class 9). He was the leading run-getter for his team in that tournament.

It seems that Virat Kohli never participated in college, though according to this article in Times of India, Kohli started his studies in Vishal Bharti, then moved to the seventh class in the Savior Convent. Both schools are in Delhi

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Spring Blossoms School Amritsar

Spring Blossoms is the culmination of the visionary dreams of the academic pursuits of Mrs. Davinder Pal Sandhu. She came to India, in the year 1972 from Ethiopia. As a trained teacher in mathematics, she was perturbed by the rote learning method of the subject. Her love for education led to the establishment of Spring Dale School in the holy city of Amritsar with a humble group of 7 children. Her perception and ideology travelled by word of mouth and the number grew bigger and bigger. Hence to give her dreams more substance, Spring Dale Senior School was founded in the year 1981.

About Delhi Public School Amritsar

We would like to inform you that Delhi Public school Amritsar is finest CBSE school in Amritsar. It was founded in 2003. Delhi Public school Amritsar is a CBSE-affiliated public school in Amritsar. This school offers the best education and sports facilities and has many activities to do. There is also a lab known as 'ATAL LAB' which offers the children many tools to bring out their innovation..!!

Delhi Public School Amritsar Facilities:
  • Neat & Clean classrooms for the student.
  • The school has a library room.
  • Big playground for sports activity.
  • Science laboratories available.
Delhi Public School Amritsar Admission Procedure:

Parents want to know the admission procedure for their childrens then admission forms are available from December onwards for the class in which admission is sought. A written test is taken from the syllabus of the previous class.

Delhi Public School Amritsar Review on Google

Delhi Public School Amritsar Address:

Address: National Highway 1, Rakh Jhita, Amritsar, Amritsar, Punjab 143115

Phone: 070874 14533
email [email protected]
Offcial Site -

Delhi Public School Amritsar  Images & Pics:

Find Delhi Public School Amritsar on Google Maps 

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About Cambridge International School Amritsar

We would like to share information about Cambridge International School Amritsar. This school is a very high-class school. They have very faculties who provide good education and other skills to improve student performance. Cambridge International School Amritsar is affiliated to CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). This school has a vision/aim to develop students skills. With the help skills, they can improve performance.

Cambridge International School Amritsar Facilities:
  • Cambridge International School provide medical facilities in school.
  • They have a very good cafeteria for students.
  • The school has a library where a student can study with focus.
  • They provide transportation services. They have own 80 buses.
  • They have a yoga hall where yoga teacher guide to students about yoga.
  • Hi-Tech Classrooms and science laboratories.
  • They have music and dance theartre.
  • The school has a big playground and Art & craft workshop where students can explore their skills.
Cambridge International School Amritsar Admission Procedure:

  • If your child at the minimum age of 2 and a half then Cambridge International School Amritsar will accept registration for nursery class.
  • If you looking to registration then the first half of November month is a good time for you and registration will accept in the school.
  • School management will take an interview & entrance exam after that your child can take admission.
  • If your child will not clear the entrance test and interview, Management can refuse your registration request.
  • You must careful while submitting the form because incomplete forms can be rejected and you must carry your documents and photograph too.

List of documents to be enclosed with the filled up forms are hereunder :
  • Copy of Birth Certificate of the Child
  • Proof of Residence (any one of the following)
  • Passport in the Name of any one of the Parent or child
  • Aadhaar Card/ UID card issued in the name of any one of the parent
  • Copy of Aadhar card of the child (Mandatory)
  • Proof of Sibling
  • Copy of fee bill of sibling
  • Copy of report card
  • Proof of Alumni???
  • Copy of Character certificate
  • Copy of School Leaving Certificate/Transfer certificate
  • In case of Single Parent
  • Decree of Divorce to be attached mentioning legal custody of the child.
  • In case of death of spouse death certificate to be attached.
Cambridge International School Amritsar Review on Google

Cambridge International School Amritsar Address:

Address: Loharka Road, Amritsar, Punjab 143601
Phone: 096466 77888
Email - [email protected]

Cambridge International School Amritsar Images & Pics:

#1 Students of Cambridge International School, Loharka Road, Amritsar taking the Swachhta Pledge.

#2 Students taking Mass pledge ..

Find Cambridge International School Amritsar on Google Maps

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History of Durgiana Mandir Amritsar

Durgiana temple Amritsar is a significant religious pilgrimage of Hindus in northern India. It is located in Amritsar city of Punjab. This railway station is about 15 km away and is about 1.5 km away. From the bus stand. This city of Amritsar is sacred because Lord Rama, Maryada Pertoshav visited it during Ashwam edh Yag.Love and Kush spent his childhood with his mother Mother Sita in the Ashram of Maharishi Balmiki in Ram Tirath King Ishwaku Grandson of Surya Survaya, demonstrating many yajnas on this country. The idea of building the temple of Shri Durgiana is today as the brain child of a prominent visionary and religious minded person, Guru Shai Mal Kapoor. In the sitting posture, his statue in the huge Albaster has been established opposite the main entrance or the Darshini Dev i.In 1924, on the day of Ganga Dashami, the foundation stone of the temple was laid by Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya. Access to society / extension services Service for humanity is the cornerstone of Hinduism, Shri Durgiana Committee (RID) runs the following service units to provide help and assistance to the needy and qualified people.

Sri Laxmi Narayan Ayurvedic College and hostel "The student is prepared for the BAAMMS conducted by the Degree, and Baba Farid University is affiliated to Medical Science, Faridkot.
For a long time, "Sanskrit College" is being run very successfully for the society. The student is provided withed education in Sanskrit language and literature. Even the scholarship management committee has even borne stipend, free bowling and housing.

Sri Lakshmi Narayana Stitching School provides free training to widows so that they can earn vividness.
The temple also provides night shelter to pilgrims in their shameful "Mrs. Dhanvant Kaur Dharamshala" built inside the temple perimeter. A renovated saint's residence is also designed to accommodate the written commentaries and the disciples there.

The langar is being run for the pillars and in the "Langar Bhawan" in Parikarma, the needy people are being run by the Durgiana Management Committee.

How to Reach Durgiana Mandir Amritsar? 

The temple is located in the Indian state of Punjab near the Lohgarh Gate in Amritsar. This Amritsar is very close to the railway station and is about 1.5 km (0.93 miles) from the bus station. Amritsar is well connected with roads, railways and air services along with the rest of the country. Delhi flights operate from Raja Sansi Airport, which is 12 kilometres (7.5 miles) north-east of Amritsar. There are direct rail links to Delhi, Calcutta and Mumbai.  National Highway No. 1 (India) connects Delhi with Amritsar.

Features of Durgiana Mandir Amritsar

The temple is built in the middle of a holy lake, which measures 160 meters (520 feet) x 130 meters (430 feet). Its dome and canopy are similar to the Golden Temple of Sikhism, which is also located in Amritsar. A bridge provides an approach to the temple. The temple's dome is a guild. Marble is widely used in the temple features.


History of District Court Amritsar

The history of the district court in Amritsar is more than one hundred fifty years. During the era of the famous Sikh ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Punjab,

There was no written law or a judicial court and there was no established authority. Only the Sardar will decide matters according to his cranky. Sadar imitation court (main court) was the only court in its area. Immediately after the British occupation of Punjab, after the formation of the administrative board in 1849, the judicial court was the power of the court and the Board of Revenue.

In 1853 it was replaced with a Chief Commissioner, and two Principal Commissioners were appointed for separate judicial and administrative work. The Judicial Commissioner was the Chief Justice of Appeal and his court was the last appeals court. Until 1856, Tehsildars were given the right to use the powers of a subordinate judge in the small court, which is in line with what price. 300 / -. At that time 104 were small reasons, courts and an average of 784 square miles in each court.

In this way, Civil Court started working in Amritsar in 1856. During the year 1862, an honorary original magistrate was appointed in Amritsar and Gujririvala to settle the cases of small criminal cases. During the year 1862, a total of 3117 civil and rent cases were established and 3054 cases were settled on leaving the balance on 63. XIX of the Punjab Court Act, 1865, among other things, was included in seven sections of the courts, the civil jurisdiction.

Official Site of District Court Amritsar  -

Nodal Officer maintaining Website for District Court, Amritsar

Name of the Nodal Officer  -  Kamaljeet Singh
Designation - System Officer
E-mail ID - [email protected]
Contact number - 0183-2560030

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About Kanha Sweets Amritsar - The best place for breakfast

Kanha Sweets Amritsar is a very popular shop in Amritsar. If you looking to have breakfast then we would recommend you to visit Kanha sweets Amritsar. They are popular because of tasty Poori Chole, Gur Ka Halwa, Aloo Poori, Pinni, Aloo Sabji, Sweet Lassi, Chana Poori. The puri is out of the world. It would cost you at reasonable cost per plate cost Rs 80. The pooris are just excellent along with a full glass of buttermilk.

Kanha Sweets Amritsar Menu: Poori Chole, Gur Ka Halwa, Aloo Poori, Pinni, Aloo Sabji, Sweet Lassi, Chana Poori, Halwa, Mungi Barfi, Chena Mugi, Kalakand, Rasgula, Milk Cake

Average Cost -  ₹150 for two people (approx.)  Exclusive of applicable taxes and charges, if any

Kanha Sweets Amritsar Timings

Mon 8am – 10pm
Tue 8am – 10pm
Wed 8am – 10pm
Thu 8am – 10pm
Fri 8am – 10pm
Sat 8am – 10pm
Sun 8am – 10pm

Kanha Sweets Amritsar Address: 75, Lawrence Road, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Nagar, White Avenue, Amritsar, Punjab 143001

Kanha Sweets Amritsar  Phone Numbers - +911832211518 / +911832222855

Kanha Sweets Amritsar (Images of Puri Chole)

#1 Puri Chole 


Kanhaiya (Kanha) Sweets Amritsar on Google Maps

List of LIC (Life Insurance) Corporate Agents Details as on 31.03.2018

Sr. no  Name of the Corporate Agent Ag code no Registration No Registration Validity date
1 Allahabad Bank 8000241L CA0005 31.03.2019
2 Dena Bank 80002886 CA0007 31.03.2019
3 City Union Bank  80001742 CA0023 31.03.2019
4 Kalupur Commercial Co-op Bank 80001873 CA0046 31.03.2019
5 Central Bank of India 80001904 CA0048 31.03.2019
6 LIC HFL Financial Services  82006883 CA0049 31.03.2019
7 Apna Sahakari Bank Ltd. 8000188H CA0051 31.03.2019
8 Syndicate Bank 80001604 CA0054 31.03.2019
9 Janseva Sahakari Bank 8000189C CA0059 31.03.2019
10 Pallavan Grama Bank 8000170B CA0063 31.03.2019
11 South Indian Bank 80001782 CA0067 31.03.2019
12 Bank of Maharashtra  80001987 CA0068 31.03.2019
13 Axis Bank 80002883 CA0069 31.03.2019
14 M/S Jupiter Trades Pvt Ltd 82001123 CA0070 31.03.2019
15 UCO Bank 8000141U CA0071 31.03.2019
16 Pandyan Grama Bank 80002751 CA0072 31.03.2019
17 Allahabad UP Grameen Bank 80001243 CA0083 31.03.2019
18 Prathama Bank 80001404 CA0088 31.03.2019
19 Central Madhya Pradesh Gramin Bank 80002388 CA0090 31.03.2017
20 Ashutosh Management Services Ltd 82003840 CA0092 31.03.2019
21 Akshaya Wealth Management  820056002 CA0096 31.03.2019
22 Thane Janata Sahakari Bank 8000191J CA0097 31.03.2019
23 Abhudaya Coop Bank Ltd  80001897 CA0099 31.03.2019
24 A.P. Mahesh Co-op Bank 8000273K CA0105 31.03.2019
25 Kallappanna Awade Ichalkaranji Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd 8000189N CA0107 31.03.2019
26 Indian Bank 8000170R CA0108 31.03.2019
27 The Kangra Central Co-op Bank Ltd 80001145 CA0119 31.03.2019
28 Sundaram Finance Ltd  82001722 CA0120 31.03.2019
29 Indian Overseas Bank  80001725 CA0121 31.03.2019
30 Muthoottu Mini Financiers Ltd 8200377G CA0122 31.03.2019
31 Punnami Smart Business services 8200165K CA0127 31.03.2019
32 Jalgaon Peoples Coop Bank  80001966 CA0130 31.03.2019
33 Vijaya Bank 80001603 CA0132 31.03.2019
34 Mahanagar Co-op Bank Ltd. 80003926 CA0140 31.03.2019
35 Janakalyan Sahakari Bank Ltd. 80001939 CA0143 31.03.2019
36 Dayco Securities Pvt Ltd 82073410 CA0147 31.03.2019
37 Sangli Urban Co-op Bank 8000194U CA0149 31.03.2019
38 Common Wealth Finserve Pvt Ltd 82022987 CA0156 31.03.2019
39 ICDS Ltd  8200162H CA0161 31.03.2019
40 Jagdambey Insurance Advisory Services P Ltd  82002407 CA0163 31.03.2019
41 Fundron Fintech Services Pvt Ltd 82003108 CA0168 31.03.2019
42 Kosamattam Finance Ltd 8200478S CA0179 31.03.2019
43 Corporation Bank  80001709 CA0184 31.03.2019
44 Vidya Sagar Central Co-op Bank Ltd 80001466 CA0188 31.03.2019
45 The Kodangullar Town Co-op Bank 8000177J CA0189 31.03.2019
46 Karnataka Bank Ltd 80001621 CA0191 31.03.2019
47 Satco Capital Marketing Limited 82978893 CA0198 31.03.2019
48 Sect Private Ltd  8200335D CA0201 31.03.2019
49 Tamilnadu Merchantile Bank Ltd. 80001755 CA0204 31.03.2019
50 Shivalik Mercantile Co-op Bank Ltd 80001253 CA0208 31.03.2019
51 Jalgaon Janta Sahakari Bank Ltd 80002966 CA0218 31.03.2019
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53 Bassein Catholic Co-op Bank 8000191N CA0236 31.03.2019
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55 Jammu & Kashmir Gramin Bank 8000114B CA0243 31.03.2019
56 Bharat Coop Bank (Mumbai) Ltd  80001888 CA0247 31.03.2019
57 Wakrangee Pvt Ltd 8297989G CA0249 31.05.2019
58 United Bank of India  8000241U CA0251 31.03.2019
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60 Sarada Insurance Consultancy Ltd  8206741U CA0259 31.03.2019
61 Bangalore City Coop Bank  8000161A CA0261 31.03.2019
62 Ambernath Jaihind Co.op Bank 8000192B CA0264 31.03.2019
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68 Kausalya Managemeny Services & Structures 82007644 CA0288 31.03.2019
69 The Visakhapatnam Co-op Bank Ltd 80001803 CA0293 31.03.2019
70 Puduvai Bharathiar Grama Bank   80001738 CA0294 10.04.2019
71 Dena Gujarat Gramin Bank 8000183B CA0297 11.04.2019
72 UAE Exchange & Financial  Consultancy Services 82005781 CA0302 11.04.2019
73 Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank 8000153G CA0303 03.12.2019
74 Mulkanoor Co-op Bank  800016151 CA0304 17.04.2019
75 RB Wealth Insight 8200161L CA0305 17.04.2019
76 360 Farheneit Solutions Pvt Ltd.  8200312C CA0306 17.04.2019
77 D S Integrated Financial Services 82001810 CA0307 17.04.2019
78 Krishnanagar City Co-op Bank 80001445 CA0308 17.04.2019
79 Shri Warna Sahakari Bank Ltd 8000189P CA0310 17.04.2019
80 Bank of Baharain & Kuwait 80002904 CA0317 18.04.2019
81 Saptagiri Grameena Bank  80001712 CA0318 18.04.2019
82 Raasi Call net   82001611 CA0320 25.04.2019
83 Fia Technology Services Pvt Ltd 82002122 CA0325 01.05.2019
84 OMS Infosource I Services Ltd 8200261G CA0329 03.05.2019
85 St Milagres Credit Souharadha Co-op Sty Ltd  8200163E CA0330 03.05.2019
86 Growth Vision 820014008 CA0333 04.05.2019
87 Harmoney Wealth Advisory 8200270X CA0336 05.05.2019
88 Andra Pragati Gramin Bank 80001659 CA0341 15.05.2019
89 A P State Financial Corporation 82001641 CA0345 16.05.2019
90 Life Span Insurance  8200112F CA0349 17.05.2019
91 Uttar Banga Kshetriya Gramin Bank  80001455 CA0353 18.05.2019
92 The Chiplun Co-op Bank Ltd 8000194D CA0355 18.05.2019
93 B&E Financial Services LLP 82001401 CA0358 29.05.2019
94 Cuttack Total Financial Services 8201558N CA0360 19.05.2019
95 Invesh Financial Services Group 8200191R CA0364 01.06.2019
96 Stock Holding Corporation of India 82001897 CA0366 09.06.2019
97 Dharampeeth Mahila 82003973 CA0371 16.06.2019
98 The Varachha Co-op Bank 8000186E CA0378 23.06.2019
99 The Chembur Nagrik Sahakari Bank 8000188Q CA0381 28.06.2019
100 Punjab & Sind Bank 8000111K CA0391 19.07.2019
101 Shivajirao Bhosali Sahakari Bank 80003987 CA0394 21.07.2019
102 Venella Finmart Pvt Ltd 82001671 CA0400 18.08.2019
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105 Pune Peoples Coop Bank 80002987 CA0406 08.08.2019
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110 Jyoti Multipurpose 82001636 CA0422 28.09.2019
111 Opulance Wealth Labs Pvt Ltd 8200225J CA0431 03.11.2019
112 Kalanjum Thozilangam Ltd 82002600 CA0442 26.12.2019
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115 E gramin Services Pvt Ltd 82003592 CA0456 12.02.2020
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117 Jammu & Kashmir State Financial Corp 8200114B CA0463 26.02.2020
118 Transend Consulting India Pvt Ltd 82001914 CA0470 15.03.2020
119 Lokmanya Multipurpose Co-op Sty 8200163G CA0494 11.05.2020
120 M/ S Bharat Capital Services 8200189E CA0502 29.05.2020
121 Thane Shahar Police Employees Co-op Cr sty Ltd 8200191J CA0503 11.06.2020
122 Srujan Mahila Vikas Foundation 82003660 CA0508 20.07.2020
123 Honavar Urban Co-op Bank 8000163V CA0509 20.07.2020

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