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Shri Guru Ram Das Yatri Sarai Amritsar Online Room Booking

Amritsar, which truly implies a pool of nectar, i.e. the hallowed sarowar , was established in 1577 by Guru Ram Dass ji, the fourth Guru of the Sikhs. Master Ramdas Sahib (Jetha ji) was conceived on Oct 9, 1534 at Chuna Mandi of Lahore in Pakistan and was child of Mata Daya Kaur ji and Baba Hari Das ji. His folks were excessively poor, making it impossible to meet even the day by day needs and he needed to gain his bread by offering bubbled grams. His folks kicked the bucket when he was only 7 year old. He wedded Bibi Bhani Ji (little girl of Guru Amardas Sahib). She bore him three children: Prithi Chand Ji, Mahadev Ji and Arjan Sahib (Guru) Ji. Master Amardas Sahibji discovered him skilled in each regard and deserving of the workplace of Guruship and introduced him as Fourth Nanak on september 1, 1574. Master Ramdas Sahibji established the framework stone of Chak Ramdas or Ramdas Pur, which is currently called Amritsar. For this reason he obtained arrive from the zamindars of the towns: Tung, Gilwali and Gumtala, and started burrowing of Santokhsar Sarover. Later on he suspended the work on Santokhsar and focused his consideration on burrowing Amritsar Sarovar. Bhai Sahlo Ji and Baba Budha Ji, the two gave Sikhs were doled out the directing work. The new city (Chak Ramdas Pur) thrived soon as it was arranged at the focal point of worldwide exchange courses. It developed into an imperative focus of exchange Punjab after Lahore. Master Ramdas Sahib himself welcomed numerous shippers and craftsmans from the distinctive strolls of life and exchanges. Later on, it ended up being venture of sweeping significance. It gave a typical place of love to the Sikhs and made ready for the future rules for the Sikhism as an alternate religion. Master Ramdas Sahib ji presented Masand framework set up of Manji framework and this progression assumed an incredible part in the union of Sikhism and formed Four Lawans and exhorted the Sikhs to discuss them to solemnize the relational unions of their kids. Therefore he presented another marital framework in light of Sikhism .He composed 638 psalms in 30 ragas, these incorporate 246 Padei 138 Saloks, 31 Ashtpadis and 8 Vars and are a piece of Guru Granth Sahib ji . He assigned his most youthful child (Guru) Arjan Sahib as Fifth Nanak. After this he cleared out Amritsar and resigned to Goindwal Sahib. There, following a couple days he passed away for paradise on Bhadon Sudi third (second Assu) Samvat 1638 (September 1, 1581).

For booking, one has to come in person here at the booking counter and for any help. * Manager, Sri Harmandir Sahib : 0183 2553953 * Information office: 0183 2553954

Sri Guru Ram Dass ji Niwas, Amritsar

Gurdwara Name Sri Guru Ram Dass ji Niwas Address Sri Darbar Sahib Amritsar

Zipcode 143001 Phone 0183 2553957, 58, 59
Fax 0183 2553919 Contact Email
Sarai Available yes

Sarai facilities AC room at Rs 300/day, cooler room at Rs 100/day. Refundable security deposit of Rs 300 . It also has facility for Dispensary, Post Office & railway booking nearby.

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