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Parvati Devi Hospital Amritsar Contact Number

Welcome To Parvati Hospital

RAI BAHADUR KISHORE CHAND MAHESHWARI CHATIABLE TRUST was set up in 1970s. It has embraced various welfare exercises like Sponsoring understudies, giving free Medicines, Blankets to poor and other such social exercises. The authors of the trust imagined a multi-claim to fame healing facility, inside metropolitan region to give prevalent nursing care and treatment by driving specialists in private practice.

Smt Parvati Devi Hospital has regarded on 26th January 2013 by the Chief Minister Punjab himself for giving totally free treatment to the penniless. Other than this different authentications and respects have been gave by The Deputy Commissioner, Times of India Group and so forth for social administrations, Blood Donation Camp and Environment Protection and so on.

Smt Paarvati Devi Hospital is a multi-claim to fame family doctor's facility situated in the heart of Amritsar. This foundation has been imagined with the point of bringing the most elevated models of therapeutic &nursing care. The healing center is represented under the directing standards of giving therapeutic administrations to patients with care, sympathy and responsibility with extraordinary concentrate on poor patients which can't bear the cost of the perpetually rising medicinal treatment.

Spread crosswise over approx two sections of land, it has 75 quaint little inns mind beds with 4 operation theaters taking into account multi claims to fame. It is a focal point of incredibleness which give restorative scholarly people, front line innovation and best in class foundation with a very much coordinated and extensive data framework. Our point has dependably been to bring world-class medicinal care inside the scope of the basic man.

The healing facility unites an exceptional pool of specialists and clinical analysts to cultivate community, multidisplinary examination, rousing new thoughts and disclosures and deciphering logical advances all the more quickly into better approaches for diagnosing and treating patients and avoiding maladies, through its present day and conventional types of prescription

Smt Parvati Devi Hospital has honored on 26th January 2013 by the Chief Minister Punjab himself for providing completely free treatment to the needy.

Parvati Devi Hospital Amritsar Contact Number

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