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Mata Ganga ji Niwas Amritsar Images & Online Sarai Booking

History of Mata Ganga ji Niwas Amritsar

Mata Gangaji was wife of Guru Arjan Dev ji & daughter of Bhai Krishan Chand. The nuptial ceremonies took place at her village on 20 June 1589. Mata Gangaji Ji once expressed a desire to get blessed with a son. Master Arjan Dev ji said to her "Ask not me but a pious Sikh like Baba Juggernaut Ji". Make missi roti (bread made of wheat and lentils) with your own hands and take some onions and lassi (butter milk) and walk with humility in your cardiovascular. Mata Ji did as she was asked. Your womanhumbly presented the foodstuff, HumorJi was pleased. Because| he ate he blessed Mata Ji " mother, thy son would be the|is definitely the} king of kings, he will probably rule the hearts of his people" As this individual crushed an onion in his hand Baba ji said " and this individual will crush the brain of evil rulers". As a result Mata Ji was blessed with a son, who was named Hargobind. Hargobind Ji became the 6th Guru Of the Sikhs. She died at  Bakala on 14 May possibly 1621.

Mata Ganga ji Niwas Amritsar Online Booking 

Website URL -
Address Sri Darbar Sahib Amritsar
Zipcode 143001
Phone 0183-2553957 - Extension (417)
Contact Counter-- Incharge 417


Total No. of Room -  103
Rooms Available for pilgrims - 94
Charges payable- Geyser Room :    Rs. 500/- Day and Rs.1000 Refundable Security
AC Room = Rs.500/- Day and  Rs.1000 Refundable Security
Facilities Availible -  Attached Bathroom, 300 Lockers available – Security Fee Rs.20/-

Images of Mata Ganga ji Niwas Amritsar

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